Welcome to 2020!

There are over thirty (30) new cars and redesigns for 2020. We have even added a new vehicle category! Can you guess which one?

The trend continues to block and refigure doors to make air-wedging more difficult.

Using only High Tensile Steel in the manufacturing of our tools allows us to produce our long reach tools, “The Big Reach” and “Dual Reach,” which are thinner and pliable enough to ease into tight spaces.

The “Big Reach” is used for framed windows and the “Dual Reach” is for frameless windows. Two must-have tools for all professional lockout technicians.

I can’t stress enough how important they are, just as all of your tools in your kit.

Also, two air wedges are absolutely necessary to succeed with these difficult openings.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Until next year,
Research and Development

2020 edition

For over Twenty years, Slide Lock Tool Company has adhered to one motto: “KEEP IT SIMPLE”

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