We have good news to announce with the release of the 2024 Z-Tool® System Manual. First, our prices will stay the same this year for all tools, kits and accessories – no increases over last year’s prices! And second, we have reintroduced the popular Slim Wedge Shield back into our arsenal of accessories. The
Slim Wedge Shield is included in the Grand Master Z-Tool® System Kit and sold individually.

From the time Slide Lock’s founder Scott Selby revolutionized the auto lockout industry with the groundbreaking Famous Z-Tool®, SLTC has been producing the highest quality, longest lasting and most effective auto lockout tools in the industry. Our tools, when combined with the Z-Tool® System Manual, provide the auto lockout professional with everything needed to open 100% of all possible car openings.

Slide Lock Tool Company sources only the highest quality steel for the production of our tools which have been bent by-hand in the USA for over forty years. We’ll never cut corners on quality. Slide Lock tools are built to work – and to last.

Like many of our friends and customers around the country, 2021 was a tough year for Slide Lock Tool Company. Our owner Bonnie Selby, suffered from poor health for much of the year and sadly passed away on October 1, 2021. Bonnie enjoyed getting to know so many of our loyal customers over the years. She had a passion for customer service and attention to detail. Bonnie’s obituary can be read by clicking on her image below.

Although Bonnie is no longer with us, Slide Lock Tool Company is in capable hands under the leadership of her son, Trey Ourso. Trey and the rest of the team at Slide Lock Tool Company will continue with the Z-Tool System’s primary goal in mind, “Keep it Simple.” SLTC will continue producing a fully researched, completely organized kit, using only fourteen tools backed up with a proven manual which makes solving lock-out situations easy to master.

We will continue to make the highest quality tools on the market. No exceptions. And finally, if you are not completely satisfied with your Z-Tool System we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Our shop is fully stocked and ready to fill your orders.

Thank you for your continued business and loyal support over the years,

Slide Lock Tool Company

Picture of Trey