Introduction to the Basics

This session will introduce you to door cavity lock systems and demonstrate the manifold uses of the versatile Z-Tool.


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It’s All in the Manual

The second seminar covers getting the job through final payment.


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The Business Side of Lockouts

The third advanced seminar covers the do’s and don’ts as well as the pitfalls to avoid while executing the opening procedures.


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Let’s Open the Car

This session covers the easy day to day call. Build good habits at the job site and the easy calls won’t turn into problem calls.


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“Avoiding the Pitfalls” Tooling Do’s and Dont’s

After completing all four sessions and this fifth session, you should be well armed with plenty of lockout savvy. You will have the knowledge to avoid the many pitfalls of the lockout business and those nasty problems your tools can get you into… Having to learn any business the hard way is expensive and time consuming.


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