Air Wedge

The Air Wedge is an absolute must-have for any locksmith who needs to easily unlock vehicles. The wedge is inserted at the top or sides of a framed window and inflated with the included squeeze pump to create a gap. This gap allows for much easier access to the inside of the vehicle, eliminating struggles with reach tools.

The air wedge is stiff enough to slide into the door frame while soft enough to prevent damaging the vehicle.

  • Inflates quickly and easily.
  • Won’t damage customer vehicles.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized vehicles.


Added in 2003, the Vertical Z-Tool is made of a tempered stainless steel shaft with knife edged hooks that bite into lock linkages without the slip, no matter how stiff the lock system. It has depth guides stamped along the shaft for those very tough situations involving small targets. 

The Big Reach Tool

The Big Reach is our longest available reach tool (approx. 53 inches), featuring a pre-bent shape, is designed to reach even the hardest areas. The extended reach allows you to reach further and achieve more leverage than a standard reach tool can provide.

The Big Reach tool features an inverted sure-grip handle, is made of high-strength steel but is thin enough to reach tight spaces, and is plated for a smooth, worry-free application.

  • Inverted sure-grip handle.
  • Extra length for increased leverage.
  • Made from high-strength, plated steel.

Serpent Tool

Made of stainless steel, the Serpent Tool has a large and small end for varied door widths – another must have for lockout situations.

Mercedes Strip

Made of superior high strength lexan plastic, the Mercedes Strip opens straight pin or mushroom type buttons.

Japanese Tool

The Japanese Tool, along with our AutoBuster tools, are the only window tools that actually move manual locks and power switches as if you are in the seat itself.

Inverted Z-Tool

The Inverted Z-Tool is an incredibly popular vehicle lockout tool and helps you open those tough-to-open vehicles built since the 90’s with elusive targets inside the door cavities. 

The Inverted Z-Tool is made from tempered stainless steel and features knife-edged hooks that bite into lock linkages without slipping. The shaft of the tools also features depth guides stamped into the metal for precise depth targeting when reaching smaller targets.

Frameless Extension Kit

This kit has a handle which screws onto an extension to create a door lock pull, or an extension to have a door lock push, basically converting the kit into our Dual Reach Tool.  The Kit also comes with a 5″ Extension piece for hard-to-reach jobs.