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Grand Master Z-Tool System

  • 2014 Edition Manual (26th edition) Includes bonus Commercial Truck Section

  • Z-Tool (Stainless with depth guides)
  • Inverted Z-Tool (Stainless with depth guides
  • Vertical-Z  added '03 
  • Frameless Window Kit (Stainless with handle and three extension tips)
  • Japanese Tool
  • Free Air Wedge  added '01 
  • Porsche Tool (optional, only opens the 928)
  • Serpent Tool
  • AutoBuster III Tool w/extra long 9.5" reach
  • Autobuster Mini added '11
  • Mercedes Strip
  • Flush Mount Tool  added '02 
  • Wing Window Tool
  • 3 Flex-a-Wedges
  • Slim Wedge shield added '05
  • Hold Harmless Release Booklet
  • Soft Sided Divided Canvas Carry Case

Only $265.95 
+ $18.50 shipping and handling.

Comes with one free Air Wedge.

Add the 2nd Air Wedge for only $20.00 w/kit order only.

Grand Master Z-Tool System
Opens the History of Vehicles

Only $265.95* w/ one free Air Wedge OR $285.95 with a second Air Wedge. One Air Wedge works great, but two work far better!

*Add $18.50 S+H


The Big Reach: New & Improved!
Thicker, Stronger, Slicker. 60" Long, a one piece long reach tool.


Individual Price List
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2014 Edition Manual (26th Edition) Detailing the History of Auto Lock Systems from the 1950's right up to the newest showroom models. (Includes bonus Commercial Truck section) $65.95

Canvas Divided Carry Case #1900 $32.95
Flex-a-Wedges 3 per pack $8.95
Air Wedge Your kit should have two! $32.95
Damage Release Forms
(30 2-part carbonless forms)
#0800 $7.95
Slim Wedge shield
Protective shield
#2003 $6.95
Mercedes Strip Protective Sleeve MSS $3.00
Assorted Tips AT $3.00


Famous Z-Tool   Stainless with depth guides $27.50
Inverted Z-Tool  Stainless with depth guides $27.50
Serpent Tool Stainless $15.95
Porsche Tool (optional) Stainless $15.95
Frameless Extension Kit (4 pcs.) Stainless (handle and three extension tips) $56.95
     RED HANDLE with Coupler #EX1 $18.50
     BLUE Extension Tip #EX2 $16.50
     BLACK Extension Tip
       (Pulls inside door handles)
#EX3 $16.50
     5" Extension #EX4 $9.95
       (One Piece Long Reach Tool)
#BRT $32.95
     Dual Reach Tool
      (one piece multi-purpose tool)
#DRT $32.95
Wing Window Stainless $15.95
Mercedes Strip Lexan $15.95
AutoBuster III 9.5" Extra Long Reach (Chrome) $26.95
AutoBuster Mini #0440 $24.95
Japanese Tool Stainless $21.95
Flush Mount Tool Stainless $21.95
Vertical Z Stainless $27.50
Wing Z #1700 $15.95
Minimum shipping $15.00


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