Dear Friends:

The year sure rolls around quickly and here we are in 2019. As you know when you receive this notice it's time to update your manual and replace any lost or broken tooling.

The Z-Tool System continues to "Keep It Simple". Once again no new tooling added for 2019 however, Tim and I can't stress enough the importance of air wedges and the Big and Dual Reach long reach tools.

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you nothing but success and happiness for 2019 and beyond.


Welcome to 2019!

As in all years past, we have around 52 new or redesigned models vehicles.

The trend in recent years has been to block access to lockout tools, and the same holds true for 2019. Manufacturers are receding door jams and enlarging the door frames to try and defeat entry.

It is imperative you have at least two air wedges ( I recommend four) and our Big Reach and Dual Reach long reach tools. Our long reach tools are made of thinner high strength steel and give you the most advanced design and capabilities in the industry to access what little spaces are allowed for entry. I encourage you to update to the 2019 manual and replace any lost or broken tools.

Have a great year and happy openings,


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