Dear Loyal Z-Tool Customers,
2013 was a year of transition for Slide Lock Tool Company. In August we were able to move our organization to one location here in Louisiana. Please take note of our new address which is located on this flyer. Mr. Bobby Bailey has taken over our manufacturing and shipping department. Tim Cox is still in charge of research.

Once again, we have no changes or additions to our Grand Master Z-Tool system. We would however ask that you take special note of the changes in the line-up of BMW and Infinity. To avoid confusion, rather than change the numeric system on both models for past years we only used the new numeric system on the 2014 models. The 2014 models are listed first with prior years to follow. Also, please read the new opening method information at the beginning of the BMW section.

We have taken measures to reinforce our canvas divided carry case which should help prevent your tools from punching through. We also had a new sturdier zipper installed. Please keep in mind that our carry case was designed to hold only our Grand Master system and not an over abundance of unnecessary tooling.

We appreciate the fact that more and more openings are going to the long reach tools. We believe we have two of the best - The Big Reach and Dual Reach. However, please keep in mind that not all vehicles require that method so it is very important that you keep your kit up to date with all of our Z-Tool system tooling. Always be sure to keep an accurate inventory of your kit and replace damaged or broken tools by taking advantage of our yearly discount. Have a great 2014 and be assured that your loyal patronage is greatly appreciated.

Bonnie Selby

Hello again,

It’s update time and once again and this year there are approximately 65 new or redesigned vehicles. So, as always, it is important to keep your Grand Master Kit up to date. Car manufacturers are making changes to deny access by adding blocking under the door, covering linkages and tightening weather stripping, just to name a few. However, no matter how hard they try to keep us out, the Grand Master Z-Tool System along with our two very efficient long reach tools will always get the job done! Our two long reach tools, The Big Reach and The Dual Reach are must haves to open newer vehicle models safely and quickly. Please keep in mind that having the right equipment is only as important as having the proper instructions. We encourage you to keep your Z-Tool Grand Master Manual updated. We take great pride in the thorough research we bring you each year. As always our goal is to “Keep It Simple.”

Have a great 2014,
Tim Cox
Research and Development
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Thank you for joining our auto lockout seminar series here at

This site is primarily intended to explain the business side of the automotive lock out industry, as well as give some basic information on uses and applications of specific tools in the Z-Tool System.

This site is close to 50 pages and requires a great deal of time to open for those with low speed internet access. All pages of the site may be printed for personal use but not for reproduction and distribution. Due to the size of the site you may want to create a hard copy training manual. Simply print all pages and place in a three ring binder. 

New employees and veterans employed by your company should be required to read and understand all sessions before using live tools and instruction manuals.

We now allow ordering of equipment either online or by telephone.

Furthermore, we have prohibited web search engines from indexing parts of this web site.

As you progress through the training sessions you will realize most information is concerning the business side of your lockout service. The z-tool manual teaches how to unlock the cars in great detail.

Remember, this site is some 50 pages in length and requires time to open. Be patient and spend some time filling your printer with paper and locating a three ring binder.


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